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We help new online coaches struggling with imposter syndrome apply high performance habits to increase self-confidence and serve high-paying clients.

"Quickly Create A
That Helps You Grow Your Business, Improve Relationships and Allows You To Reach Successes Others Couldn't Dream Of!"
Let Us Show You Why Online Coaches 

Just Like You

Are Currently Abandoning Their Previous Limitations
And Developing A WolfMindset...
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But first, let me share with you a quick story that will help you to understand what a wolfmindset is, and more importantly, 
why YOU need it.  

If you’re here, then you’re likely an ambitious online coach...

Am I right?


Do you remember the moment you decided that you wanted to be an online coach?


You wanted to get PAID to help people change their lives!


That’s what you signed up for...right?

BUT - if you’re like most online coaches, you may have spent upwards of £10,000-£15K in your training over the years…

  • Earning degrees...

  • Or fancy letters behind your name…

  • Or becoming a “certified” coach…

  • Or hiring a mentor...


Only to find out the truth that shatters so many coaches… 


Despite all the awesome training and KNOWLEDGE you have,,

Your Training Courses Probably NEVER Actually Taught You A Single Lesson Around How To Turn Your Mindset Into Your  Business Superpower...
Not Cool!

Sure, you’ve become an expert, and an online coach...


but if you don’t have much success to show for it, it can quickly make you start to wonder:

“Why Am I Even Doing This?” OR "Do I Even Belong Here?"
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Many online coaches create their services or products, and either pray that some referrals will come in… 


Or, they spend all day networking and hunting for leads on social media...


Or, they post their programme on their own website and start the waiting game.

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If you build it, they will come... right? 


Unfortunately for most online coaches like you, often it's just not true. 


But that’s not even the worst part…


You probably started your business as part of a mission.  


You wanted to create a movement, and transform the world in your own special way…


...but how can that happen if you have mental barriers in your way?

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The answer is simple...


All you need is to change your thinking and before you know it, you will be hitting your peak performance on a daily basis and accessing higher level results for your business, but also personally. 


Have you ever noticed how some of the most successful entrepreneurs in the world all have one thing in common...


They all place their mindset as one of the most important parts of their success.

What's A

What Exactly Is The Difference Between A Mindset And A WolfMindset?

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WolfMindset Is A Technique Used By Online Coaches To Achieve Anything.

Yes, WolfMindset was created so that online coaches like you, who aren't reaching their potential and who don't know how to overcoming such mental blocks, can easily build beautiful, scaleable businesses!  Let me show you how it works. By using our unique WolfMindset system, we help you:  

  • ​Move out of the comfort zone, set structured and achievable goals whilst raising your self-worth and develop your ability understanding long-term change.

  • ​Next, we help you form positive habits, develop confidence, overcome fear and embrace empowering beliefs.

  • Finally, you will understand the role of exercise and nutrition, resilience and changing state in a successful entrepreneurs life.

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WolfMindset Gives You The Tools And Strategies You Need In One Convenient Spot!
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With Our Unique 3-Pillar System You Will Master Your Mind And Transform Your Life and Business! 

​Pillar One focuses on:
  1. Breaking Free From the Comfort Zone

  2. Forming Life-Changing Goals and Outcomes

  3. Exploring and Implementing Change

  4. Developing Awareness Around Worth and Shifting Perspective


Pillar Two focuses on:

  1. Forming Life-Changing Positive Habits

  2. Developing Unshakeable Confidence 

  3. Overcoming Fear

  4. Embracing Empowering Beliefs

Pillar Three focuses on:

  1. Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

  2. Discipline and Resilience 

  3. Changing State and Mindfulness

  4. Unleashing the Wolf




Developing a WolfMindset Gives You THE TOOLS You Need To Transform Yourself Into An Entrepreneurial Machine!

Can You See Why So Many People Just Like You Are Moving Their Focus Towards Developing A WolfMindset?


Liam Jefferson

eCommerce Entrepreneur

The main thing that was constantly on my mind was that I just wasn't reaching my potential - after working with The Legacy Partnership I can safely say this is no longer a problem!

James Hemingway

Personal Training Business

I kept seeing failures as huge blows to my business, but after working with Davey and Rob I can now see that these set-backs were simply stepping stones to achieving my goal! I'm buzzing!

Grant Marcus

Fashion Entrepreneur

I came to The Legacy Partnership with this feeling that I was meant for more. Rob and Davey helped scope out some carefully planned goals and now I am seeing progress in my business every month!

Jamie Willis

Coaching Coaches Business

I knew I had the knowledge I wanted to share with my clients but I was just really scared. I threw myself completely into working with The Legacy Partnership and now I filled with confidence. Facebook Lives, Daily Stories, YouTube - the lot!!

Bradley Hutchinson

Financial Advisory Entrepreneur

I kept seeing Davey and Rob on Instagram and they always look so fearless when they are talking. Something I needed to sort out was feeling fearful around the types of figures my clients are talking about. I felt  out of my depth but with The Legacy Partnership's help, I am now the most confident man in any room!

Matt Johnson

Real-Estate Business

I have a busy lifestyle and I have lots of elements in my life to manage. Something I wanted support with was building good habits into my day. After working with The Legacy Partnership I know get up earlier, I am more productive at work and spend more time with my family. It's been an awesome transformation. 

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But Who Would I Be Working With And What Sets Them Apart From Other Online Coaches?

The most exciting thing about The Legacy Partnership isn't their high level qualifications and the successes they have been able to achieve - in fact it is the opposite. It is the simple fact that both Davey and Rob have had to overcome severe setbacks in their life and entrepreneurial careers to get to this point.
From morbid obesity, to great personal loss, to depression, to redundancy, they have experienced it all. And to help you overcome similar obstacles and avoid making the same mistakes, they developed the WolfMindset, a bespoke and supportive 12 week 1-1 coaching programme. Check out their personal stories below!

Dr. Davey Hoops

🐺High Performance Specialist

💪Personal Trainer and Elite Coach
⬇️Lost 70lbs overcoming morbid obesity 
😀Overcame Depression
🔥Bounced back from redundancy

👊Built Multiple Businesses


Rob Sanders

🐺High Performance Specialist

🎓Master Coach

🔥 NLP Practitioner 

💪Personal Trainer and Sports Therapist
⬇️Dealt with great loss to follow his passion
😀Overcame Depression

👊Built Multiple Businesses


Frequently asked questions

I'm not an entrepreneur, can I still work with you?

Ofcourse. We know everyone may not have entrepreneurial ambitions - which is absolutely fine! In the past we have worked with ambitious managers in the corporate world, hard-working parents, individuals looking to transform and loving partners who want to create a better life for their families.

How long does it take to learn the WolfMindset?

We work with clients for a period of 12 weeks, with individuals moving through a key pillar of our unique system every 4 weeks.

If I have a question, is there someone I can talk too?

Yes! We believe in creating the msot supportive environment available for our clients and this is shown by our constant and open commuictation. For all enquires, please email:

What is the WolfMindset?

The WolfMindset is for those who feel they are yet to reach their potential. For those who feel like something is missing in their life. The WolfMindset is upheld through 3 Key Pillars including 1) Awake the Wolf, 2) Become the Wolf and 3) Unleash the Wolf. A full transformation process, you will enter the mastermind as an unfulfilled individuals, and leave as an unleashed wolf ready to achieve your destiny.

How much commitment is needed?

We know everyone is busy in this day and age but taking time to develop yourself is one of the key factors in achieving entrepreneurial success. With these two factors in mind, we have carefully devised a support system filled with content for you to watch, listen and read at a time that suits you, in conjunction with some 1-1 calls, workshops and live training sessions so you can choose how your week looks! This should be no more than 2-3 hours per week.

Is WolfMindset a cult?

No! We are simply the largest growing mindset movement in the world where ambitious visonary individuals come together to achieve higher levels of success through self-development.

Who exactly do you work with?

The WolfMindset is designed to support both men and women to access higher levels of success, and we welcome participants from all sexualities and backgrounds! If you are ready to join the movement and unleash the wolf then this is the place for you.

Here Are A Few Other FAQs We Get A Lot:

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